dDTalks feeds a diverse audience with a broad range of topics on a weekly basis. To sustain and expand our outreach onto other platforms, it will require financial expenditures. We are therefore soliciting your sponsorship to help realize these objectives!

You could either be a Sponsor of The Show or an Advertiser on the Show.

Due to our growing audiences, putting your businesses in front of our viewers is added exposure to a brand new market for your company or organization.

As an advertiser, your business, product or service will receive publicity on all our media outlets. And as a sponsor, you will be helping to support and advance a cause that brings values to the communities it serves.  You will also have the opportunity to join other partners in informing the public about the value of such a positive media platform.

We would love to discuss how your company or organization could play a visible role in this great undertaking.

We are reachable via phone or email. Please give us a call at 301219-9292 or  Or fill out our contact form.


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