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dDTALKS MEDIA Tackling Hot & Juicy Topics


dDTalks Media Services

Diane Daiga and ddtalks media provide the following services; speaking engagements, host/emcee of events, tv appearances, scheduled interview, community empowerment events, youth training and resources and consulting services. Contact me for any of these services.

dDTalks Media (aka dDTalks) is an Inspirational & Motivational Talk Show and Knowledge Portal that addresses Real Everyday Societal Issues. We discuss hot critical topics and engage people in thought-provoking conversations with hopes of providing solutions and guidance whenever possible.

The show streams via online Radio and Social Media platforms. We look forward to expanding into other media platforms in the near future.

So far, dDTalks has hosted over 100 different segments with over 60 guests. We have had over 100,000 collective views from audiences spread all over the world.

dDTalks was launched 10 years ago as an online blog that addressed community issues in the Diaspora. It has since evolved to Online Radio and other services listed below.

Our Target Audience

Our target audience ranges between the ages of 18-65 with a high concentration between the late twenties to early fifties. The content of the show appeals to both males and females and is very interactive.

As the audience and viewers grow, it will continue to attract multicultural individuals from diverse works of life.

dDTalks talks is currently affiliated with WBGR Network which is an Online Radio Network. WBGR has over 300,000 listeners. This is a large pool that allows dDTalks to tap into.

Currently, dDTalks has an increasing number of followers. We have had shows that had over 15,000 views. And these numbers show a steady growth pattern.