Life has dealt me some rough cards ♦️ in moments when I least expected. I buckled up and still played the game with what I had. Sometimes I won, other times I evened out, but many times I failed too. But I didn’t give up. I knew had reason to wake up, keep the faith & press forward. dontdullsparkle_ddtalks

Then I quickly learned the act of survival. How important it was to have survival skills during those tough times. Through it all, I didn’t loose the smile, I raised my chin up and always looked up to heavens from whence cometh my help.

So when you have conquered those battles, or you find yourself on the victory lane and someone tries to yank your confidence by undermining your journey, you must fight for your footing. You can’t let them trample over things that took years to accomplish. Victory just doesn’t happen in hours. So you can’t let them destroy it in seconds.

When people make light of your story, pay attention. When they undermine you, register it. When they disrespect you, understand that they crossed a line.

People will try to overstep their boundaries sometimes. They’ll try to steal your joy. They’ll even try to make you feel worthless. In other cases, they might even cook up some tales. Verily I say unto thee, you must know your worth so you don’t tolerate it.

Don’t let anyone steal from you what you have worked so hard for. People go a lifetime just trying to find happiness & purpose. So When you find yours, cherish it like diamonds. That is your wealth! Never underestimate it. And always reclaim when you think you’ve wavered.


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