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After placing as a Top 8 Finalist in the National Search for #FindingAshleyStewart 2018, Diane Daiga observed a recurrent theme throughout her journey that she already knew existed. But this time, the voices were louder, the stories were more vivid and the heartfelt candor from women who shared their pain of overcoming bullying, body shaming, domestic violence and low self- esteem issues stayed with her. Two weeks after the show’s grand finale in New York on Sept 15th, Diane Daiga decided to launch a campaign that would empower curvier woman & young girls to find their voices & wings in all situations.Hold Your Head Up

The “Hold Your Head Up – H.Y.H. UP” Campaign drives home the message that confidence is attainable just by Holding Your Head Up High. Curvier women & young girls who are predisposed to bullying, body-shaming and domestic violence need such positive reinforcements on a daily basis.

H.Y.H. Up Campaign is an extension of the Miss Statuesque Platform which focuses on helping plus size women to love & embrace their curves. HYH Up is about Self-Love & Self-Esteem, it’s about Body Positivity & Confidence Building. We are against bullying and violence. We hope that men like women & boys like young girls would embrace & implement this message as part of their nomenclature.

Diane Daiga is a Talk Show Host on dDTalks, she’s a Speaker, Founder of Miss Statuesque as well as a Plus Size Model & Influencer with a huge heart for community building.

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Forgive Yourself

Many of us had childhoods that were permanently stained from numerous events of humiliation or abuse at the hands of parents, siblings, classmates, or others. Adulthood brought more disintegration of our self-esteem because of toxic, abusive relationships or other...

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MEET CHELSI There's a Southern Belle from Deep East Texas that you have got to meet. Most people, especially the full-figured ones, tend to suffer from body insecurities of some sort. But the gorgeous Chelsi Moree takes a different approach on it. DEFINING MOMENTS As...

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Lifetime’s ‘Dance Moms’ Ava Cota dances in Hudson

Lifetime’s ‘Dance Moms’ Ava Cota dances in Hudson, talks about the #13reasons4me challenge HUDSON - As a 10-year-old star on Lifetime’s “Dance Moms,” Ava Cota was often ridiculed on social media solely on the basis of her looks. “I’ve always been skinny, and I’ve...

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VENUS WILLIAMS, LIZZO AND MORE TALK PLUS-SIZE FASHION Perhaps lost in the wake of the US Open's climactic close in the women's singles final, another member of the House of Williams took part in an important conversation in New York. Venus Williams joined a panel...

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What do you think of body shaming?

What do you think of body shaming? How many times have people told you that you look fat? You don’t have a pretty face? You are too skinny? A bag o’bones? A barrel of fries? Or you should wear more makeup to look beautiful? If it had happened to you even once, then...

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Body Shaming

Show them that you're beyond what their narrow minds can see. As a not-so-girly-girl, I've been body shamed a lot of times. Sometimes for my body size and shape, the other times for the way I walk and once even for being partially blind( I have specs. Without them...

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How should I react when people body-shame me?

Body shaming. This is such a burning topic now a days. “Every other person in the world has reported that they have faced body shaming once in their life.” Now this report is completely made up by my imagination process because I don’t have the real reports or graphs...

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Walmart Canada is apologizing for advertisement

Walmart says third-party bathing suit ad 'for fat girls' was a translation error SAINT JOHN, N.B. — Walmart Canada is apologizing for a now-removed advertisement promoting an item with the term “fat women swimsuit” in the title. The third-party ad for a modest,...

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Body Positivity

Danielle Savre on Body Positivity and Season 2 'Station 19' Secrets Retreat magazine had a sit down with "station 19" star Danielle Savre on body positivity. Read all about it in this Extra online edition. Inside, she talks about body positivity, remembering how the...

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Building self confidence one win at a time

What do you need to build your self-confidence? For this girl's soccer team, building self-confidence is one win at a time. Scott County girls' soccer can score goals. Ten against Bryan Station, seven against Western Hills and six Wednesday night in the regular-season...

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SHARONDA GRANDBERRY Just by changing your posture in how you seat up, walk tall or speak out, you emit signals of confidence. Unfortunately, we are still living in an era where low self-esteem, insecurity, body shaming, domestic violence & bullying...

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