There’s a Southern Belle from Deep East Texas that you have got to meet. Most people, especially the full-figured ones, tend to suffer from body insecurities of some sort. But the gorgeous Chelsi Moree takes a different approach on it.


As she reflected on what message she could pull out from the story of her amazing life to support the #HYHUP Campaign, here’s what Chelsi had to say as she recounted.

“Since I can remember, I’ve always been a “Curvy Girl”. By the time I was in 5th grade I was 5’10 with a full set of hips, thighs & a big ole booty to match. I remember being in the hallway leaning against the wall waiting for class to start when one of my classmates yelled, “OMG Chelsi why are your hips SO big?!”

From that moment on until I was junior in high school I hated my body. I refused to have pictures taken of me because I was so embarrassed. My mom had always ingrained in me that I am fearfully & wonderfully made, but I didn’t really believe that until about 5 years ago. I started praying for God to help to me love the body that He hand crafted & to be confident regardless of what society had to say.”

HER STANCEhyh up ambassador

When you win the mind battle and cross over to the self-love zone, you experience a confidence booster. Chelsi conveys this so succinctly as she narrates:

“My body is like no one else’s. My body is unique, bold & beautiful. These hips that were once made fun of & made to be something to be ashamed of, are now one of my favorite attributes of myself. My goal is to challenge other women to pick something about themselves that they are insecure about & OWN IT! Regardless of what it is, just remember that no one else has what you have, not one single person. So you have a choice: You can hide it & cover it up, or you can own it & turn it into your trademark. The choice is yours!”

There you have it. The choice is truly yours. We appreciate Chelsi Moree for being an exemplary role model to many others around her sphere of influence. By simply changing her thought process and taking a positive outlook on life and issues, Chelsi creates a demarcation with the old and embraces a platform message that the #hyhup (Hold Your Head Up) campaign passionately desires for all.

You can find her on social media

@chelsii_latelyy -Twitter
@chelsii_latelyy- Snap chat
Chelsi Moree-FB


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