How to find happiness in our daily lives

Happiness in our daily lives is a choice, it is internal. There was a man who owned a mansion with 45 rooms and marble floors and a white Lamborghini parked outside. He floated in his pool and said, “if only I could afford a 2nd vacation home in the French Riviera, then I would be happy.”

In the house across the street, a different man looked out the window and said, “if only I could afford a bigger mansion like his, then I would be happy.”ddtalksmedia

Behind the house, a man walked his dog outside of his apartment and said, “if only I could own a home instead of renting, then I would be happy.”

In the next town, the man and his dog passed by a beggar shaking a can for change. “If only I had a place to call home, then I would be happy.”

In the distance, a man with no arms watched as the beggar held the can with his hands. ‘If only I had arms, then I would be happy.”

This story describes the hedonic treadmill. It’s human nature to keep wanting more, and happiness is fleeting and ever-changing. There is always someone out there who wishes they had what you do. Happiness is a choice, and your choice only. The best way to maximize happiness is to be grateful for what you have in the moment.

Source: Quora


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