Body shaming.

This is such a burning topic now a days. “Every other person in the world has reported that they have faced body shaming once in their life.” Now this report is completely made up by my imagination process because I don’t have the real reports or graphs in different colours or pie charts of fat percentages. No, i don’t have all of those but i do have some experiences of this body shaming. And i confess that i have been at both the ends.
I was once a kid who was lean, thin, sporty and what not, but it changed when i hit my puberty, and moreover i was strapped in by my books, because if you are an Indian kid, then your priority should be studies before playing. Believe me, no matter what those parents say like “Kids should play, they should not be forced to study.”, “They are just kids so why to burden them with books.” etc, are the parents (mostly) to strap you down, and always nag about how to beat “Sharma Ji ka beta”. Now, in this scenraio, i was the one “Sharma Ji ka Beta”. Every parents who were either colleagues of my folks, or knew them somehow, will used to tell their kids that “Be like her.” Unwanted attention, i was the center of attraction. You feel so good that some people are making you as a bench mark, but later, when everyone keeps on telling you that you need to study well, to keep that facade of being “sharma ji ka beta” does only one thing, and that is, sacrifices. I sacrificed my play times, my happiness and dedicated to only books. How real me!!!!
Results? You asked. I started bloating fast. All my dresses used to get stuck in mid, whenever i tried to wear them. Once my jeans button got broke!!! Yes, i became so fat. 😛 😛
From then onwards, i gained a good amount of extra weight according to my body height,etc etc. Then everybody started calling me, “Fatty”, Potato”, “Pumpkin”, “Onion”, “Moti”, “buffalo” and what not. There is a longggg list of names. I used to feel hurt, almost on the verge to cry everytime people used to call me such. The hatred inside me for my own self , others was growing in time. I just needed one more push, to break down and kill everyone in my wrath. Demoralized me, started accepting that no matter how good i am in terms of studies or anything related to brain and emotions, i will always be a joke. I used to feel bad whenever i used to look at the mirror. i still remember that i was so scarred that i was always on toes while even bathing naked. Traumatic, my teenage was. Even i have body shamed many, because i was also an insensitive prick. I know that. So i will say “Karma is a bitch”.body shaming

I met a girl who was so chubby

But everything changed as soon as i left home for hostel. I met a girl who was so chubby and fat, but god damn everyone, she was, is, the most badass chic i have ever met. She was so body confident, that it was just a sheer joy with such positivism aura around her. I was so damn inspired from her, to love my body again. But mostly that chic taught me how to handle insensitive pricks at the best.
1. First of all, be confident about your body. You need to first accept your body shape, and everything. Be happy and feel blessed about it. Many doesn’t even have a proper functional body, but still conquering it.
2. If they are joking about you, let them joke. You know what? You too join in their joke. They are making a joke? You be the joke, and joke around your own miseries and what not. Believe me, that will thrash them the best.
3. Comedy, that’s the best part to come to terms with this insensitive pricks. At first, they might fail, but with time, you can kill people’s brain with Subtle comedy.
They call you Potato? Tell them, “Yeah, i am the same you can’t keep your hands off while watching movies. I guess french fries should be very glad that you recognized a potato. “
They call you Pumpkin, “Yeah, i know! I am that scary that you keep me to ward off even ghosts. I knew you were that soft heart that you need a pumpkin!! I am glad dude! “
They call you “Onion”, “ yeah, i am happy being onion. Stay alert, because you might cry your pants while trying to chop me off. “
And many many more.
4. Sarcasm AF!!!! Ok, this one may take time, but once you know words and with a certain amount of time, you will be savage AF.
Because we know, Chandler could have killed anyone with his sarcasm. He was the most savage AF character in the whole series.
You agree? right?
5. When people tell you things like “Oh God! how much can you eat? You are so fatty, and you still eat like a glutton!”
Stay calm, because that person is a prick. Just smile and let your devil side come out with poise, and say, “Awwww, you are so jealous of me and my body. You have no storage of food but me. I know you are so worried about how will you live with no food if apocalypse hit you.” or “ Yeah, just because my food is love, and I keep my love with me always. I store my love, not like you. You kill your love, and how brutal it is for your tongue and stomach. I must ask. Have your taste buds died already at a such a young age, or you are going to murder your stomach in hunger?”
When people tell you, “ You have such a body shape, no clothes will fit you. Your sizes are not made here.”
You reply, “Oh good gracious! I am going to be the cause of employment of the poor people.” “ Actually, this company doesn’t make my size of clothes because they will run out of cloth and won’t get much profit, unlike the others where even two handkerchiefs are fine.”
And many, many more. Someone said right, that words can kill more than a scream.

But the most and foremost. You need to smile while being the devil. That’s the deal. You need to be god damn confident about your body. Because your body is a language, And you need to be fluent about it.


Source: Quora


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