Show them that you’re beyond what their narrow minds can see.

As a not-so-girly-girl, I’ve been body shamed a lot of times. Sometimes for my body size and shape, the other times for the way I walk and once even for being partially blind( I have specs. Without them it’s impossible for me to operate.)
But I’m not ashamed of any of those things. Not anymore, at least.I’ve experiences of people commenting on me quite casually, as a joke. Most times, I laugh it off with them. Because people who are insensible enough to comment on my body aspect that I don’t have control over, are not worth my thoughtful reaction.

But the other times, when it comes from a competent person, I make sure I show them that their narrow mindedness is affecting their competency. Like once, my friend’s sister, who’s a professor in a renowned college, commented something I did not expect from her.ddtalksmedia

So, you want to get into journalism? That’s great! But I see you’ve a long way to go. You’ll need to lose some weight if you want to get in there. Also try being a bit girly. Put on makeup and carry yourself like a woman. You’ll be halfway done then. The industry values pretty women.

This surprised me. I could’ve let it go. But I felt an urge to change a professor’s mind who’s probably gonna influence a lot of other youngsters like me.
*So here’s what you should do when somebody body shames you*

No offence, but you are so wrong! If you think that the way I look and the way I walk would decide my capabilities, I feel sorry for your thoughts.
I know I’m much more capable of being a journalist than the girl next door who is probably the most beautiful girl I know. I bet even she believes so.
I’m much more than what you see. And I think you should consider that before giving me your opinion about my body aspects.She didn’t have anything to say after that. I’m hopeful about the change in her thoughts after that incidence.
Source: Quora


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